Release 1.0

This is the first release of the Artwork Optimizer Standard Edition. Future releases will have bug fixes and
enhancements to the software will be documented here.

Release 1.1

Support for CorelDRAW X6 was added

Release 1.2

Support for the 64 bit version of CorelDRAW X6 was added

The Artwork Optimizer Standard Edition was completely rewritten and is now a separate tool. It is no longer
dependent on DragonCNC.

Support for Windows 8 has been verified.

Release 1.3

Support for inside-before-outside sequencing has been added for shapes that have islands inside their main

It has a new licensing system and installer that bundles all the files needed for all supported versions of
CorelDRAW into a single installer.

The new licensing system requires the use of ID and License files. Cut-and-paste is no longer supported.

This version allows multiple users with different user accounts on the same computer.

Fixed a bug in the licensing system that prevented using maximum length computer names.

A dongle option to allow use on multiple computers (one at a time) is available for an extra charge

Added support for Home and Student X6 installations

Added support for Technical Suite X6 installations