1. Installation

Installation of the Artwork Optimizer Standard Edition is very simple. Just select the installer you want (X3, X4
or X5) and run the 'Setup.exe' program that is in that ZIP file. We don't automatically detect which version you
want since many people (myself included) have multiple versions. I have X3, X4 and X5 all installed together on my development laptop. In fact, you can install for any or all versions and the same license will work. If you cannot download the installation ZIP file because it has an EXE file in it then contact me at
http://www.CorelDRAWTools.com (use the contact form please) and I will send you a special ZIP file and extra

Disk Drive Used

If your computer does NOT have a C: drive then just install as usual. Substitute the drive letter you installed on for the C: in the examples in this document. For example, a system that only has an I: main disk drive will usually have CorelDRAW X3 installed here:

I:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 13

Windows Vista

Windows Vista is only supported for CorelDRAW X3 and X4, since Corel only supports X3 and X4.
If you encounter difficulties installing on Vista, please try disabling the UAC temporarily and reinstalling.

Windows 7

Windows 7 is only supported for CorelDRAW X4 and X5, since Corel only supports X4 and X5.

Customizing the Toolbar for CorelDRAW X3, X4 and X5

If you want to change the toolbar that the Artwork Optimizer Standard Edition button appears on just edit the
ArtworkOptimizerStd.ini file using NOTEPAD.EXE. Change the ToolBarName=Standard to whatever toolbar
you would like to use. For example, if you have created a toolbar just to hold all the buttons from macros and
other CorelDRAW addins you have acquired then use that name. The toolbar name MUST be EXACTLY the
same as you see in the CorelDRAW customization screen.
You can find the ArtworkOptimizerStd.ini file at:

C:\LeonardCncSoftware\Artwork Optimizer Standard Edition

Please only use NOTEPAD (from the windows accessories menu) to do any editing. Other editors like Microsoft
Word will make the file unusable as a Artwork Optimizer Standard Edition configuration file.

CorelDRAW V12

The Artwork Optimizer is not available for CorelDRAW V12 due to the use of advanced features that are only
present in X3 and later releases of CorelDRAW.