2. Overview

The main screen of the Artwork Optimizer Standard Edition shows the different options that are available. The
'Quick Start' section gives a simple workflow that will get you going ASAP.

main screen

The 'Show Shape Sequence' screen allows you to preview the existing shape sequence / stacking order so you can see what problems may occur when you go to cut the drawing on your CNC router, laser or vinyl cutter. Just press the 'Show Seq' button and the tool will display a screen showing the sequence layout after displaying a screen with a progress bar for a short time.

show seq progress

The following screen will display while the existing drawing sequence is being shown:

show seq complated

Here is the existing sequence for the LaserSeq_01.cdr drawing:

existing seq

This is the screen that sets the parameters to rearrange the drawing sequence. You can choose any corner to be the starting point and either X Axis Traverse (Row) or Y Axis Traverse (Column) order. The center of the shape or the shape origin can be specified for the shape position to use. The Tolerance value is what determines what is a Row or a Column. All shapes whose positions fall within the tolerance (variance) will be in the row or column.

Press the 'Review' button to perform the shape sequencing operation.

shape aeq operation

This screen will display after the sequencing operation has finished. It has both 'Accept' and 'Reject' buttons. If you Reject the sequencing operation no changes will be made to the current drawing. If you Accept the
sequencing operation then the drawing will be modified according to which radio button was selected. The
'Apply the new stacking order to the existing shapes' is the default since it will probably be the most common

choice after seq operation

Here is the revised sequence for the LaserSeq_01.cdr drawing:

revised seq

Note that after you press the Accept button you still need to save the drawing to make the changes permanent.