3. Quick Start

To get started, just push the toolbar button that was installed for your version of CorelDRAW. This will display
the main menu screen for the Artwork Optimizer. Note that if you do not have the drawing that you want to
optimize open then you must open it now.

This is the Artwork Optimizer main menu screen that you will see when you have the 'seq_test_01' example open.

artwork optimizer

Use the 'Show Seq' button to display the 'Show Shape Sequence' screen with the progress bar.

show seq progress

The existing stacking order will display along with the 'Show Sequence Completed' screen. When you press the
'Done' button this screen will disappear and so will the red sequence arrows and lines.

show seq done

To change the shape sequence press the 'Change Seq' button on the main menu screen:

main screen

The 'Change Shape Sequence' screen will appear. Press the 'Review' button to perform the shape sequencing.

performing the shape seq

After the sequencing is finished the 'Review' screen will display and you can either Accept or Reject the new
sequence that is displayed. You can choose one of four options for accepting the new sequence.


Be sure to save the drawing after accepting or all changes will be lost.