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DXFTool For CorelDRAW Standard Edition

The DXFTool Standard Edition is a utility program that provides very high quality DXF files for use in CAD / CAM programs.  They are also very useful for Laser and Vinyl cutting systems that use DXF files since text handling is optimized and you do NOT have to ever convert your drawing to curves.  The advantages of this tool are provided by conversions of the bezier curves in CorelDRAW to LINE and ARC DXF entities only.  What this means is that instead of a large number of very short lines the DXF file has as many smooth curves as can be made from the CorelDRAW shapes in your drawing.

A simple circle can be hard to cut when it is many small lines instead of arcs as most CAD programs would make it.  Here is a circle from CorelDRAW.

original circle


The CorelDRAW DXF export produces this result.  It is NOT very friendly to most CNC systems.  It is a series of lines as defined by the curve resolution inside CorelDRAW.

CorelDRAW DXF export

The DXFTool Standard Edition export is 8 arcs.  This is a large reduction in node count and an even larger saving in cutting time if your CNC system stops at every end of line.

DXFTool Standard Edition Export

That's the reason we made the DXTool Standard Edition.  CorelDRAW is a world class drawing program and now it also does CNC very well.