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DXFTool For CorelDRAW Standard Edition

The DXFTool was originally written in CorelDRAW VBA.  This was a good first step, but it had some disadvantages.  The biggest one was the need to have VBA installed in your copy of CorelDRAW.  Some people did not install VBA and some OEM versions of CorelDRAW (particularly X3) did NOT include VBA in the distribution.

The new DXFTool Standard Edition has been rewritten in C++ to give many benefits.  It is faster, better integrated with CorelDRAW and supports multiple versions with ease!  The V12 version does still require VBA to start it but the X3, X4 and X5 versions run from a plugin.  No custom workspace is needed for X3,X4 and X5, the plugin just adds a button to the standard toolbar when it starts up.  The DXFTool Standard Edition icon is different, it is a red DXF with a wrench together so you know that you have 'tools'.  Here is what it looks like on X4:

DXFTool button on CorelDRAW

New features that were made possible by the rewrite are international languages and metric units (MM) .support.

The DXFTool Standard Edition works on the bezier curves internally, there is NEVER any need to convert your drawing to curves, not even for text!  This means that you can quickly make changes and export a new DXF file.  You don't even have to save your drawing before exporting.

The main screen of the DXFTool Standard Edition shows the different options that are available.  The 'Quick Start' section gives a simple workflow that will get you going ASAP.

main menu screen