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Quick Start

DXFTool For CorelDRAW Standard Edition

To get started, just push the toolbar button that was installed for your version of CorelDRAW.  This will display the main menu screen for the DXFtool.  Note that if you do not have the drawing that you want to export open then you must close the DXFTool main menu screen to open that drawing.  The example we will use here is the simple circle.

Quick-start clip

This is the DXFTool main menu screen that you will see when you have the 'Circle' example open.  The circle itself is a 1.000 inch diameter circle drawn by the ellipse tool with the control key held down to constrain the operation to a true circle.

quick-start cllip

The dimensions of 1.000 diameter were entered on the property bar.  Since this document is in inch units the 'Inch' radio button is automatically selected.  If it was in millimeters the 'MM' button would be selected.  Note that you can change the export units just by selecting the units that you want that DXF file to be created with.  If the default export folder is not where you want the DXF file to end up then use the 'Browse' button to select a new folder.  This will also be saved as the default for future sessions.  The name of the DXF file will be the same as the drawing with a file extension '.dxf'.  You can change the name of the file just by typing in a new name.  Ok,  now that you have confirmed that both of these settings are correct press the 'DXF Export' button and your DXF file will be created!  It is simply that easy.